About Us

The Idea of starting the agency New York Vacation came to life when I, Nadia Krog Endrerud, was always being asked where to stay and what to do in New York City. Why? Cause I know Manhattan like my back pocket after spending a lot of time there, also after doing modeling gigs in the city – but my main passion has always been and still is in Design.

I am a Jewelry Designer, and I have also worked with Fashion Design; creating designs with my mother for her clothing store. My education lies within in languages, illustration, typography, product/packaging design, graphic design and interior design, and I have experience from working the real estate business in Oslo.

I have a special love and a special place in my heart for New York City – and I wanted others to be able to experience «My New York», but also create «Their Own New York». Because New York City is so special in so many ways to so many people, it´s almost impossible to explain the feeling and the vibe of the city in words. It´s just vibrant. Beautiful. Boosting with energy, motivation and inspiration. I hope you will fall in love like I did, with the city of greatness and opportunities…

Our Vision:

We strive to give you the absolute best experience in New York City, no matter what you´re looking to experience; and in different price ranges. Through our expertise about, and our partners and contacts in New York, we can fix more or less anything for you. Just let us know your occasion and budget and we will help you from there to put together the best experience possible for you, in the world´s greatest city!!

At the Sand Gallery Opening in West Village 10.10.09


With Luan – one of our top brokers that we work with for long term leases and buying/sales of apartments/properties in New York City.