Concierge Services

Restaurants/Bars/Rooftop Bars/Nightclubs/Comedy Shows/Broadway shows

Transportation: Town cars/ Limo´s in all variations


Helicopter rides & Private Jets


We work with the best of the best, and are therefore able to book you in at the trendiest & hottest places, our partners strive to to stay on top of what´s going on where, and on which night.

This means YOU as the customer get access to Manhattan´s hot spots;

We are able to get you into the places no one else can, and give you that extra special experience while you´re in New York. It all depends on what you are looking to do and what you are looking to spend; we offer a variety of hotspots that fits your wallet.

That includes the trendiest & coolest hotels, restaurants, bars, rooftop bars, nightclubs, best spa´s and hairdressers that accommodate the hottest celebrities, and where you are more than likely to run into one sitting right next to you.

We are also able to help you book transportation; whether you want a Hummer stretch limo to pick you up, or maybe a stretched Porsche Cayenne? Or how about a pink stretched mini-limo?

If there is a special hotel or restaurant you want to book, please let us know and we will do that for you, or we can recommend what is best for you according to your budget, wishes & needs.

Please require within for more information.