Student Housing

We are continuously working on finding the best housing for students in NYC, and we have now started a new fb page called “Norwegian Student in NYC”  where you can post if you are looking for a roommate, if you want to sell/buy anything, experiences, tips on what to do in NYC etc.

We recommend all students to get a roommate if possible, due to the high living costs in NYC. We can now offer rooms in different buildings all over Manhattan and in Brooklyn & Harlem; where you can rent a shared room w 2 single beds to save money or a private room for a little more. We have everything from rooms in luxury buildings that includes everything you need; bedding, linens, wifi, kitchen utensils, fully furnished apt w washer & dryer in building, and also access to gym and some have rooftop terraces or lounges.

If you do not have any credit history in the US, the landlords usually make you pay 1month deposit +  +the full rent upfront + expensive broker fees. We always work to try avoid our clients having to pay everything upfront, plus high broker fees, so that you as a student do not have to pay everything upfront. We charge a low service fee for the job that we do getting you a safe & clean place to stay, where everything is ready for you arrival and all you have to do is enjoy your stay in NYC, with our having to worry about furnishing a new apt / room just for a short period of time.

All apartments we have that are fully equipped have wi-fi/basic cable tv, furniture, kitchen appliances and everything else you need of equipment in the kitchen, and most apts have bedding/linens and towels included as well. If you are going as a long term student of 1year or more, especially as a group you can also rent an apt unfurnished/ furnished thorough us. We also have a broker located in NYC that speaks Norwegian and English, at your service, if you need his services he is happy to assist.

We also now provide All Girls Dormitory by Union Square in Manhattan, where you can either rent private or shared rooms for 2 ppl, all rooms have private bathrooms, mini-fridge & microwave, bedding/linens & towels – even though most girls prefer to bring/ buy their own. Rooftop terrace & wifi included.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Eks på Luxury building student rooms : Rates $1300(shared -$2500 private + utilities)

1month security deposit + low service fee applies




Eks på Student Rooms in Regular Building: Rates

$1600(starting small rooms)-$2500(shared/big private room) + utilities

1month security deposit + low service fee applies

Prices are subject to change