Charities we have supported:


Mount Airy Pre School , Negril, Jamaica.
Number of pre schoolers: 35-40, mostly age 3-4, rest is aged 5-6.
When I was in Jamaica in 2011 and did some charity work for a pre school up in the mountains of Negril, Jamaica, I swore to myself that it would be my goal to be able to help & support this pre school financially.
This pre school is run by Ms Kahn, she is a wonderful lady who has run this all by herself for years just with her own funding, with no help, as the children in the area comes from poor families who cannot afford education / school. So Ms Kahn made a free school ,with school uniforms and she feeds the children once a day as well as they cannot afford to bring food themselves. A lot of kids are kicked out from home around the age of 9 in Jamaica so it´s hard growing up there in many ways.

If you want to help/donate please inbox me on and I will give you instructions for a donation or send a pay pal payment to the same email – and I will send you a receipt to show you that the money has been sent to the pre school. (Note Pay Pal takes a small fee that is the only money that will be charged from the amount given)
We are starting with a donation from NYV of $100.


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Covenant House New York City
Provides housing, clothes and food for children / teens that are homeless / in need.
To donate: