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Visas for artists, entertainers, actors, writers, musicians, dancers, scientists, athletes, and other people with extraordinary talents or abilities.  O-1 visas are temporary visas for talented individuals who can show that they have extraordinary abilities in their field and have been hired for a specific job or performance in the United States.  The visa typically expires once the job or performance ends.

A more permanent visa solution for people with extraordinary abilities is the EB-1 visa, which allows for permanent residency for highly talented individuals who have received sustained national or international acclaim and awards.  While this is a very high standard to meet, a successful EB-1 visa applicant can stay in the US permanently and does not need an initial job offer to come to the US.  Many O-1 visa holders will later successfully apply for a permanent EB-1 visa after a few years of establishing their career in the United States.  We can help determine which of the two visas you are most likely to qualify for.

Visas for employees of the United Nations and other international or humanitarian organizations. A G-4 visa allows for employees of the United Nations and other international or humanitarian organizations to come to the US.  Their spouses and children can also receive visas and work permits.

Student visas.  One of the easier visas to obtain, an F-1 visa allows a student to attend an American College or University.  Depending on the degree program, a student may also qualify for CPT (Curricular Practical Training), a temporary employment authorization that allows you to work at a job related to your field of study while you are attending University.  After they graduate, F-1 visa holders can then qualify for OPT (Optional Practical Training), which allows them to work at a paid or unpaid internship.

Spouses and children of current visa holders.  The United States will often allow the spouse or children of a visa holder to also come to the United States.  Depending on the visa, the spouse or children may also be able to obtain work permits or student visas to attend American schools.  These are very fact specific, and we can guide you through the process to determine the best way to get your spouse and children to the US.

H1-B Visas.   A temporary three year work visa that allows you to be employed in a “specialty occupation” such as accounting, computer programing, sciences, engineering, architecture, law, medicine, and other specialized fields.  An applicant must have a job offer from an American company to apply, as the company will be your sponsor.  Typically, the applicant will need at least a bachelor’s degree from an American University.  There is also a special visa pool for applicants with degrees from an American graduate school (such as MBAs, PHDs, JDs, and other Masters degrees).  The H1-B visa can be renewed one time for an additional three year stay.